General features


Any photographic or painting image can be printed in digital format and then converted into splendid wallpapers. Gemanco Design produce wallpapers on demand for all tastes.The images can be either selected from Gemanco Design collection or furnished by the costumer. Even the images included in Gemanco Design collection can be always modified according to your tastes and needs. Prior to the production, you are provided with a rendering of the chosen design, to ensure that everything is in accordance with the desired result. 

Technical information and Installation Chart


Thanks to the non-woven fabric back, Gemanco Design wallpapers can be installed easily with specific glue used for wallpapers (for non-woven fabric back or non-textured) and removed simply with no wall damage.
The printed material can be washed with a soft sponge, hot water and delicate soap.
The printed graphics are scratch and abrasion-resistant. These features have been tested and the results have yielded the highest standards among all types of wallpapers.
Gemanco Design recommends MAPEl ADESILEX MT32 glue or any other glue for wallpaper with nonwoven fabric back.


Wallpaper with resin applications


Gemanco Design is continuously looking for innovative decorative solutions and has introduced among its line of product a novelty: the wallpaper with resin applications.
In order to give a further touch of originality to its highly personalized wallpaper, Gemanco Design has decided to combine the classic TNT coating with the Resin Technology.
The resin elements applied on the wallpaper create – within the same graphic subject – a striking tridimensional effect wich is also determined by the variation of the color intensity and by the shining and matt effect given by the two different materials matched to each other.

The Wallpaper Waterprof that does not fear water


Gemanco Design is always looking for new solutions to innovate the design of your rooms. 
Introducing WPS -WaterProof System products by Gemanco Design will arrive, which will allow you to waterproof your wallpaper-covered walls, combining the waterproofing function with the high decorative value of the coatings in a single system. 
WPS - WaterProof System products are specific products for personalizing and waterproofing damp environments such as bathrooms, wellness centers, spas, gyms and walls in direct contact with water such as the inside of a shower.

The Wallpaper Outdoor UV Resistant 


Wallpaper highly indicated for finishing on wallpaper applied for external coverings.
Unlike other wall finishes, WPS products are not only water resistant but also decorative; the product does not alter the texture of the chosen wallpaper, rather it enhances its characteristics; in fact it is possible to choose it in the two glossy and opaque variants. WPS products are a transparent, spatulable, two-component finish for walls; it must be applied once the paper has been installed and the glue dried completely. It is resistant to all household cleaning products, abrasion and possible yellowing.

 WPS Waterproof System 


WPS - WaterProof System products are specific for personalizing and waterproofing wet environments such as toilets, wellness centres, spas, gyms, showers, baths, and for this reason, highly indicated for external coatings.