Custom Mosaic tile technology


An innovative project revolutionizing the ancient art of mosaic


If you dream it we can make it.No limit to the creativity Any Shapes, Any Sizes, Any Colors. 


 Resin mosaic is the innovative outcome of fusing digital printing and top-quality transparent resin. It is the ideal solution for reproducing images of any colour and size. Gemanco Design mosaic is indistinguishable from ceramic and glass mosaics but it is lighter and thinner, as well as flexible and completely customisable.

  • Resin is the most appropriate material for quick renovations.
  • The resin mosaic can be easily placed on the existing tiles with no need of removing the old coating as it is only 2 mm thick.
  • The resin mosaic is also a useful tool for architects and designers carrying out renovation projects of interior an external spaces including swimming pools.

Features of the resin mosaic

  • made in Italy
  • 100% customisable: any digital image can be converted into a mosaic – you can choose the image, the shape of the tesserae and the space between the tiles
  • very thin – just 2/3 mm thick
  • very light – just 1.2 kg per square meter
  • UV resistant – it can be also used outside keeping the colors bright and intense since they are protected by the resin
  • waterproof – full reliability of the materials under any weather conditions
  • non toxic – ideal for any food spaces
  • flexible enough to be applied to curved, concave, convex and irregular surfaces
  • backlit – it can be translucent
  • easy to install – the application technique is identical to ceramic and glass mosaics (alternatively, it can be simply installed to the surface to be coated as the product can be also self-adhesive)
  • easy to apply to any surfaces (i.e., walls, ceilings, pieces of furniture, doors, pieces of kitchen furniture, mirrors, tiles, wooden panels, MDF boards and many other supports)

Tips for the application of the resin mosaic

Gemanco Design resin mosaic is extremely versatile. It can be used to:

  • decorate indoor and outdoor walls of private and public spaces
  • coat bathrooms, hammams, spas and swimming pools
  • decorate table tops, chairs and other furniture items
  • decorate ceilings
  • create headboard designs
  • decorate mirrors and windows
  • embellish frames
  • tile kitchen splash backs
  • create special lighting effects


9 good reasons why choose Gemanco Design Resin Mosaic


    Gemanco Design resin mosaic makes you truly follow your imagination and gives you the freedom to create any pattern you desire and the satisfaction to produce it. You DO NOT need a minimum order quantity.


    During renovations, if you have to apply ceramic and/or glass mosaics, the old tiles have to be removed and the surface has to be levelled before placing the new covering.
    Our resin mosaic is only 2 mm thin, it can be very simply and quickly placed on the existing tiles. Thus, it is time and cost effective.


    Unlike the use of ceramic and glass mosaics that is limited to tile bathrooms, kitchens and swimming pools, the resin mosaic can be used in multiple ways. For example, it can embellish chairs and pieces of furniture in general, adorn ceilings, mirrors, windows and even create special effects if the resin mosaic is applied to spot lightings.


    Ceramic and glass mosaics cannot be used to coat false ceilings due to their heavy weight. Resin mosaic is light: as it only weighs 1,2 kg per square meter, it can be applied to supports that cannot stand heavy claddings. Thanks to its lightness, the resin mosaic can be easily shipped via aircraft at reasonable prices.


    Ceramic and glass mosaics cannot be applied to irregular surfaces, and, if used, they must be adapted and cut in a very pernickety way, and a fine result is not guaranteed. Resin mosaic is flexible enough to be applied to curved, concave, convex, irregular surfaces and sharp edges.


    Easy to be applied to, resin mosaic is provided with the exact measurements required. If necessary, you can simply cut the pieces with scissors – whilst ceramic and glass mosaics have to be cut with a special tool whose final result is not guaranteed (as in most cases the glass chips off and the tile is damaged).


    Ceramic and glass mosaics are not self-adhesive. Thanks to a self-adhesive layer, resin mosaic can be applied to any non-walled surfaces without the need of glue and grouting materials.


    Ceramic mosaics are not transparent by their nature, and glass ones are not translucent and clear enough to see through.
    Resin mosaic can be as transparent as glass creating special decorative effects for doors and windows, and, if backlit it can produce very unique backlighting spots.


     The resin is a very reliable material in any conditions and, since it is very elastic, it can perform much more better if compared to traditional mosaics also in case of ground instability.


Our mosaic patterns  

Regular patterns 

Irregular patterns



Shipping and assembly instructions

To simplify the installation process, Gemanco Design provide you with an arrangement chart showing the mosaic layout. Like a traditional one, the resin mosaic can be delivered with mesh that need to be grouted. Alternatively, it can be shipped on an adhesive support easy to apply to any other surfaces, with no need to use glues and/or grout.



For interiors you can use MAPEI Adesilex VS 45, and for outdoor and/or humid environments you can use MAPEI KERALASTIC T.
Please watch the video below and follow the instructions described in this page.

  • In case the mosaic has to be applied to existing tiles, make sure that the surface is free of dust, paints, waxes and oils prior to installation.
  • Fill the joints of the old tiles with the same glue used for the mosaic application and level it perfectly.
  • If you have to apply the mosaic directly either to plastered or drywalls, make sure that the surface is absolutely flat and smooth.
  • Spread glue evenly with a notched trowel. The layer of the adhesive must be very thin.
  • Soon after the application, press immediately the tiles with a soft roll so as to help them stick easily.
  • Remove the transparent protective film from the mosaic tiles.
  • While the adhesive is still fresh, clean off glue residues with a soft wet sponge since removing them once dried up is a complicated job!



  • Use MAPEI Keracolor FF mixed with MAPEI FUGOLASTIC.
  • Before applying the grouting material, wait until the glue is completely dried up.
  • Remove residual powder from the joints.
  • Make sure that the room temperature does not exceed 35°C.
  • Make a smooth paste of the grouting material into a clean bowl. If you use a mixer, switch it on at low speed in order to avoid the formation of air bubbles.
  • Use the mixture while is still fresh as amounts of the dried paste could scratch the glossy surface of the resin mosaic.
  • Fill the joints completely and thoroughly with a rubber spatula to avoid irregularities.
  • Remove the excess grout before it dries up. Clean again with a soft sponge after approx. 15-20 minutes, once the mixture becomes opaque.
  • Wipe the surface with a soft clean cloth to remove any powdery residue completely.
  • Never use epoxy materials for grouting Gemanco Design mosaics. If not used properly, these materials can make the resin opaque and, once damaged, getting back the glossy look of the mosaic is impossible.